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Bjork is arty and has some very good stuff, but it's appeal is narrow and will be short lived. I don't see how you can really compare the two, but being as objective as possible, a music artist who not only sets the pop culture trends in two different decades, but continues to have appeal in her third decade as Madonna suggests she is the better "artist".
Or that she's the more commercial one. Assuming that popularity equals quality is isn't necessarily valid. The obvious example is Barry Manilow, who writes the songs that make the whole world cringe, but he's outsold and outlasted a lot of acts that were clearly better.

Regardless, this isn't about Madonna's artistic value or Bjork's (or any other poptart's), it's about how Madonna, whose career is on the downward slide, is using political controversy to get attention that she can no longer command through her creative projects.