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Another buying the myth that "voting" is the way you inact change.

Tell you what. You keep on following the law and "waiting" for the constitution to get followed. You go to the voting booth every November, and writing about how cool your voting skills are on the internets.

We'll keep doing what's gotten guys like Jim Demint, Mike Lee, Ken Cuccinelli and others either directly elected or into the public conscienceness as an option to the Bush era garbage.
Another deluded asshole who has all the answers and won't use his vote to enact (that's how you spell it) change.

Tell you what. You keep going down to your bunker and polishing your guns and dream of your glorious armed insurrection. You skip your opportunity every November and write on the internets about how you are so right about doing NOTHING!

We'll keep getting guys Like McCain, Graham, and Boner telling us we don't have a right to be angry...