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  1. #1 The Obamagolf Tax 
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    The Obamagolf Tax

    (Receptionist) Hello, Welcome to ObamaGolf. My name is Trina. How can I help you?

    (Customer) Hello, I received an email from Golfsmith stating that my Pro V1 order has been canceled and I should go to your exchange to reorder it. I tried your web site, but it seems like it is not working. So I am calling the 800 number.

    (Receptionist) Yes, I am sorry about the web site. It should be fixed by the end of 2014. But I can help you.

    (Customer) Thanks, I ordered some Pro V1 balls.

    (Receptionist) Sir, Pro V1's do not meet our minimum standards, I will be happy to provide you with a choice of Pinnacle, TopFlite, or Callaway Blue.

    (Customer) But I have played Pro V1 for years.

    (Receptionist) The government has determined that Pro V1s are no longer acceptable, so we have instructed Titleist to stop makiing them. TopFlites are better, sir, I am sure you will love them.

    (Customer) But I like the Pro V1. Why are TopFlites better?

    (Receptionist) That is all spelled out in the 2700 page "Affordable Golf Ball Act" passed by Congress.

    (Customer) Well, how much are these TopFlites?

    (Receptionist) It depends sir, do you want our Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package?

    (Customer) What's the difference?

    (Receptionist) 12, 24, 36 or 48 balls.

    (Customer) The Silver package may be okay; how much is it?

    (Receptionist) It depends, sir; what is your monthly income?

    (Customer) What does that have to do with anything?

    (Receptionist) I need that to determine your government Golf Ball subsidy; then I can determine how much your out-of-pocket cost will be. But if your income is below the poverty level, you might qualify for a subsidy. In that case, I can refer you to our BallAid department.

    (Customer) BallAid?

    (Receptionist) Yes, golf balls are a right, everyone has a right to golf balls. So, if you can't afford them, then the government will supply them free of charge.

    (Customer) Who said they were a right?

    (Receptionist) Congress passed it, the President signed it and the Supreme Court found it Constitutional.

    (Customer) Whoa.....I don't remember seeing anything in the Constitution regarding golf balls as a right.

    (Receptionist) There's no explicit mention of golf balls in the Constitution, but President Obama is a former constitutional scholar and he believes it would have been included if the Constitution had not been drafted by a bunch of slave-owning white men. The Democrats in Congress and the Supreme Court agree with the President that golf balls are now a right guaranteed by the Constitution.

    (Customer) I don't believe this...

    (Receptionist) It's the law of the land sir. Now, we anticipated most people would go for the Silver Package, so what is you monthly income sir?

    (Customer) Forget it, I think I will forgo the balls this year.

    (Receptionist) In that case, sir, I will still need your monthly income.

    (Customer) Why?

    (Receptionist) To determine what your 'non-participation' cost would be.

    (Customer) WHAT? You can't charge me for NOT buying golf balls.

    (Receptionist) It's the law of the land, sir, approved by the Supreme Court. It's $49.50 or 1% of your monthly income.....

    (Customer)(interrupting) This is ridiculous, I'll pay the $49.50.

    (Receptionist) Sir, it is the $49.50 or 1% of your monthly income, whichever is greater.

    (Customer) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What a ripoff!!

    (Receptionist) Actually sir, it is a good deal. Next year it will be 2%.

    (Customer) Look, I'm going to call my Congressman to find out what's going on here. This is ridiculous. I'm not going to pay it.

    (Receptionist) Sorry to hear that sir, that's why I had the NSA track this call and obtain the make and model of the cell phone you are using.

    (Customer) Why does the NSA need to know what kind of CELL PHONE I AM USING?

    (Receptionist) So they get your GPS coordinates, sir
    (Door Bell rings followed immediately by a loud knock on the door)

    (Receptionist) That would be the IRS, sir. Thanks for calling ObamaGolf, have a nice day...and God Bless the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
    Liberalism is just communism sold by the drink.
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    I would laugh if I didn't expect it to come into play next week.
    It's not how old you are, it's how you got here.
    It's been a long road and not all of it was paved.
    A man is but a product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. Gandhi
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    And as Obama slices another one into the trees, does he mind?
    Of course not!!

    He and Congress are exempt!!

    Social Order at the expense of Liberty is hardly a bargain - Marquis de Sade
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