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  1. #1 Today I met an actual flat earther 
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    Wed Mar 19, 2014, 03/19/2014

    Today I met an actual flat earther

    no really.

    At the coffee shop, they were attacking Neil DeGrasse Tyson and all kinds of atheists for all things like not having social services, or support mechanisms for drug addicts.

    Well, after pointing out that these programs did exist...

    This woman went into how this is another religion and God made the earth, and all that. So I asked calmly, if she uses electricity every day?

    That is god's will... that is a direct quote.

    No that is Maxwell's equations and applied science and technology.

    You do not understand, the world is the center and the sun goes around the Earth...

    I calmly said to her that if she believed atheism and science was a form of theology she had no idea what the term meant, or what real spirituality was. I also told her that she would be far more comfortable in a world without science, meaning no modern medicine, electricity, the internet she was obviously using. refrigeration, and all sorts of things she used but barely understood.

    Then she said, but you do not understand, the universe has no proof of explosion, or that heresy the big bank. At which point I called out the announcement of two days ago on my smart phone. She was all but happy. I put my cup of coffee back where the used cups go, and then bid my goodbyes and walked away. I really did not feel like getting into a fight. But all this is coming out because of Cosmos. It is making these people nuts.

    But now I know, they are out there for real, beyond websites and my TV. Oh and yes, she said I was going to burn in hell. I did not feel like posting out that hell is a belief and there is no proof that it exists.

    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Do they really believe this crap?

    Zero bongs Nads.

    Try going for...

    Bushes. Bricks..... Maybe some fleet-footed cops? Trying to equate Christians with ignorance of science is just petty and wrong...
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    It's difficult to imagine that anyone out there actually believes that the sun revolves around the earth.
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