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Story update: Transgender student recants sexual assault report
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Police say a transgender teen who said he was beaten and sexually assaulted in a California high school bathroom has recanted the story.

Hercules police spokeswoman Detective Connie Van Putten says detectives interviewed the student Tuesday and determined nothing had happened to him.

On Monday, the 15-year-old student reported he was attacked by three boys in a bathroom at a suburban San Francisco public school.

The teen, who is biologically female but identifies as male, had told officers he was leaving a boy's bathroom late Monday morning at Hercules Middle/High School when the assailants pushed him inside a large stall and attacked him.

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Yep, GLBT's are sooooooooo oppressed and discriminated against and hated that they have to redefine "hate" to mean not agreeing with and celebrating same sex marriage and lie about being assaulted in order to "prove" it.

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4. This story made me shiver. Literally. And it's common. And it's terrifying.

My very closest friend is transgendered, and an ex-Marine who served with extreme valor in Gulf War 1. Literal chest full of medals.

Now she is who she is and is married to a wonderful guy; the ceremony was by her mom, a Methodist minister. It was beautiful, and about 17 years ago, and legal.
There actually weren't many comments. They have seen this too many times to count and more times than not it's all been a lie.