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Give me an M&M bar.

SquareDealer, it was History. The original plan was to teach social studies. That didn't work out. I was always told there were plenty of people who wanted somebody with a college degree, especially in government. What I found is that you often have to know somebody. I'm introverted, so that's an issue for me. Between my own situation and watching people who aren't qualified for a job get one, I've grown to completely hate the networking system. I'm not lying. I actually know of a guy who got to be CEO of a company. Was he qualified? Nope. In fact, his last company went down. No, he's sleeping with the boss. He's not even married to her. He's having sex with her. He got in and put unqualified people into positions, made them work three jobs, and fired those he didn't like. He saw himself as an enlightened liberal. I'm waiting for the day when he can have it stuck to him.

Okay, rant off.

You don't need a sugar daddy?

I'm glad your friend found away to find his way to the top. You have to do whatever it takes even if you have to sleep with the boss.