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  1. #1 Barney Frank Has Lost His Marbles 
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    " He can't actually refute the charges, so he pulls the race card. "

    This comment from Barney Frank managed to slip under the radar ... until now. Slowly but surely, Republicans are growing the globes to criticize the Democrat party for its role in the mortgage crisis ... the fact that it was the Clinton administration that pushed for subprime loans through the Community Reinvestment Act; the fact that Barney Frank was sleeping with a Fannie Mae executive while pushing Congress to deregulate Fannie Mae; the fact that it was Democrats in 2005 who voted against reform of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in a party-line vote.

    On Monday, Barney Frank said that Republicans are motivated by race in their "veiled attack on the poor." Just gage me ... there's that race thing again. Barney is trying to make you believe that the only reason the Republicans are pointing fingers at the Democrats is because the "GOP is appealing to its base.

    " He can't actually refute the charges, so he pulls the race card.

    Here's what Barney Frank said, "They get to take things out on poor people ... Let's be honest: The fact that some of the poor people are black doesn't hurt them either, from their standpoint. This is an effort, I believe, to appeal to a kind of anger in people."
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    Quote Originally Posted by megimoo View Post
    Barney Frank Has Lost His Marbles
    His lover prolly has them in his mouth.
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