I'm back up on the old desk top I built over ten years ago. Whew........

When it crapped out, the early indication was a failure in the motherboard because it wouldn't boot up. It turned out to be a head crash while writing to Windows while saving system settings during shutdown, destroying my system. I was ready to get another motherboard, but got a Dell to bridge me over while I fretted over the home built.

I was on the verge of trashing the old desktop, but thought I'd give a try at recovering the four hard drives first. So I picked up a Sabrent 3.5 hard drive enclosure (ECS-U35K) from Amazon for $33, which included shipping. I recovered three of the four hard drives. so I'll trash the bad one.

One that I recovered was the C drive with Windows XP Home Edition. On a hunch, I reinstalled Windows, and it became a very good day! I'm glad that I kept that OEM Windows disk! I already had a ˝Tb Buffalo external drive, but I think I'll keep the Sabrent as another external hard drive - with removable storage. That way, I'll have more flexibility. And from now on, all important stuff goes on external drives.

Now I just have an extra Dell 745 desktop. My wife has an HP POS she does her church work on, so she doesn't need one.