Published 28/03/2014 15:24

A World War II soldier who captured 42 German troops armed only with a Scottish sword has been ranked as one of the world’s greatest adventurers.

Lt Colonel John Malcolm ‘Mad Jack’ Churchill is featured in a new book compiled by the Norwegian Royal Explorers Club which honours the finest explorers and adventurers of all time.

Churchill is known for his daring exploits, including making the last recorded bow and arrow kill in wartime, saving 500 people in Jerusalem from certain death and capturing German soldiers with the use of his Claybeg sword.

When once asked about the basket-hilted blade, Churchill - who prepared his men for battle by playing bagpipes - said: “In my opinion, any officer who goes into action without his sword is improperly dressed.”

Espen Lazarus, co-founder of the Royal Explorers Club, and researcher of the book, said: “When we first read the stories of Jack Churchill, it immediately become obvious that it would strengthen the book greatly to tell his tale.

“The common trait for all our club members is a desire for adventure and the book we are writing is a homage to the explorers that have inspired us.”