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    Quote Originally Posted by txradioguy View Post

    Unfortunately the media will pick this apart for the next week or so.

    If they had any decency...which they dont..they'd give Ft Hood some space for about a week or so...let the people here mourn and let the military investigators do their job and sort this out.

    But we al know they wont...*sigh*

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    Hi Tex ...

    Was about to get out of CU for the night, when I read your post, and am so glad that you were on vacation and not there. :love _heart:

    While I do agree with you ... must admit that it brought both a tear to my eye, and a smile to my face to keep seeing the shot of the woman who was hugging the boots of the soldier who was sitting atop one of the cars. Her husband, I presume.

    Keep safe! ~ ABC
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    The politicization by the left in 3...2...1...
    You're behind the curve on that. And in the name of fairness, that happened on both sides, and probably the Right started this one.

    Lots and lots of folks immediately bemoaned the fact that ordinary, everyday soldiers are not allowed to carry on base. The Left, of course, immediately countered with "everyone who ever was ever in the military, including George Washington, would be dead in a bloodbath if soldiers were allowed to have guns."

    Apparently, moonbats think that soldiers should go into battle and throw kittens at the enemy. Perhaps artillery, the king of the battlefield, can start launching puppies instead of mortar shells. I figure a two-week-old cocker spaniel puppy should fit in the tube of a 155mm howitzer pretty nicely.

    Moonbats are apparently incapable of making the distinction between allowing qualified personnel to carry on base (as they are off-base; IOW people who have qualified for a CCW) and everyone slung like Billy the Kid. Unsurprisingly, when it comes to carefully-informed choice, the Left once again obstinately opposes choice.

    Thought experiment: if both Ody and TRG have qualified "expert" on the pistol range, maybe Ody wants to carry both on base and off (let's say Ody has a carry permit), but TRG doesn't want to fool with it (the permit process is too expensive and time-consuming, maybe he doesn't want to have a gun around for his kids to play with*, maybe he just doesn't want to fool with it because it's a hot, heavy, PIA to carry a gun around all day on one's hip, or, more likely in the real world, it's a gigantic pain in the ass to transport his personal sidearm between Germany and the US). According to moonbats, TRG will just throw all caution to the wind and, even though he's not legally entitled to go about in the civilian world with a gun (we'll leave specific gun laws aside for the moment and just say that it would be illegal to just go off carrying a weapon, concealed or open, in the civilian world surrounding Fort Hood), he will somehow magically transform into a bloodthirsty killer the moment he gets through the east gate of Fort Hood, strapping his dangerous and explosive Glock .40 onto his hip as soon as he gets past the gate security, just looking for someone to murder at the PX for shits and giggles. It cannot possibly be that maybe Ody lives in a crappy neighborhood and also wants to make sure that he can put the quietus on some situation like, say, a loon in the motorpool shooting the place up, but otherwise never thinks twice about his gun and never threatens nor harms anyone. No, the only possible answer is that TRG is a bloodthirsty murderer who will immediately pull out his gun and blow the head off of the girl working at Taco Bell at the commissary for giving him "fire" sauce instead of "hot" sauce. That's the only possible scenario that moonbats can fathom, because the whole world is out to get them, what with their guns going off and killing people all by their lonesome and all.

    The fools cannot even fathom the possibility that Fort Hood (and indeed most other bases around the US) are basically modest-sized cities unto themselves, and that given the choice, probably about the same percentage of people on base would carry as the percentage of people out in the general population, which is just a couple of percent. No siree! Allowing soldiers to carry means that everyone will carry, and that, of course, means that everything from a disagreement over "go fish" played in the motorpool to someone getting the NJP of walking the pole for two hours every night for a week will immediately result in gunfire with dozens of people killed. Because, you know, soldiers are stupid and all they know is how to shoot people.

    *NB: I don't even know if TRG has kids, but let's say so for the moment, and he doesn't want to risk one of them getting their hands on a gun that they shouldn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ABC in Georgia View Post
    Hi Tex ...

    Was about to get out of CU for the night, when I read your post, and am so glad that you were on vacation and not there. :love _heart:

    While I do agree with you ... must admit that it brought both a tear to my eye, and a smile to my face to keep seeing the shot of the woman who was hugging the boots of the soldier who was sitting atop one of the cars. Her husband, I presume.

    Keep safe! ~ ABC
    Actually ABC...I'm at Ft Hood while on my vacation visiting some friends in the area and scouting retirement places. Thankfully we were off post when it happened.

    Adam great example of the DUmmies mind set on soldiers and guns. I don't even mind being the anti-carry guy :D

    I do have two teenagers and while I don't have guns in the house because of German laws...I preach gun safety to the kids regardless.

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    There is no record that Lopez saw combat or was injured during a four-month deployment in 2011 to Iraq, where he was a truck driver, military officials said. At that time, American forces were withdrawing from Iraq.

    Records show no combat citations or ribbons, the officials said. They stressed that it did not mean Lopez was not suffering serious psychological problems — only that they did not appear combat-related, as is often associated with soldiers suffering from PTSD.

    They said there was also no medical confirmation the Lopez suffered a traumatic brain injury. Milley said that the soldier “self-reported” a brain injury.
    PTSD and never saw combat, more PC psycho babble.
    This sucker is just a crazy ass criminal, the military didn't make him this way, no one is responsible for his stress other than his own deluded mind, Firing squad as soon as possible.
    The difference between pigs and people is that when they tell you you're cured it isn't a good thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SarasotaRepub View Post
    Here the fuck we go again...
    Yep. MSM has been in overdrive trying to paint the guy as a right wing nut. Nevermind he is on psychotropic meds and been in programs for PTSD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Molon Labe View Post
    Yep. MSM has been in overdrive trying to paint the guy as a right wing nut.

    All I have heard is mental instability. Nothing that sounds remotely like painting anyone as a leftist or right wing extremist.
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