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    As long as donations are up front and out in the open for all to see I don't care who or what donates money to someone running for office.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanie View Post
    Imagine a country where the politicians we elect worked for us and not for corporations or for special interest groups. It's not hard to imagine if you try.

    BTW guys, corporations (like special interest groups) are both liberal and conservatives. Check out Open Secrets sometime. Seriously, imagine if your senator cared more about you than about Google or NOW.
    Politicians, in large part, are career oriented and will do/say whatever is necessary to get re-elected because it beats the heck out of getting a real job and doing something productive with their lives. (Both left and right.) And that includes getting their campaigns bankrolled by whatever special interest (lib or con) that can aid them in that respect. To think otherwise is just plain daft.

    I can imagine lots of things, but politicians caring about their supposed constituents is not one of them.
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