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  1. #1 Why Obama’s Presidency Has to Be All About Race Now 
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    Why Obama’s Presidency Has to Be All About Race Now

    Barack Obama’s presidency is failing.

    Despite what he and his cheerleaders in the press think, he is still losing the argument over ObamaCare. The program has posted a few non-catastrophic enrollment numbers lately, but a lot of the public has already made up their minds. They never liked the program much to begin with, and now that they know what’s in it, they like it even less. The economic recovery, such as it is, continues to be slow, painful, and jobless. The president’s foreign policy is spinning out of control in all directions.

    So the left is doing what they always do when their policies fail: make everything about race, instead. If the Obama presidency itself is what’s failing, then his whole presidency—the one that was supposed to usher in a post-racial era—must be all about race, too.

    Hence a long article by Jonathan Chait in New York magazine informing us that yes, Obama’s term in office was really about race all along: “if you…set out to write a social history of the Obama years, one that captured the day-to-day experience of political life, you would find that race has saturated everything as perhaps never before.”

    Chait accurately identifies the distinctive racial politics of Obama’s post-racial era, describing an incident in which Bill Maher attributed the entire rise of the Tea Party to a visceral reaction against a black president. There you have the new racial politics: white people calling other white people racists.....
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    I have a feeling Obamacare is here to stay. The only change will be to transition it to single payer.

    This is an interesting article.
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    Because it's all he has now. He knows he is a failed president so all he has left is the race card.
    The American Left: Where everything is politics and politics is everything.
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