Kilgore homeowner fights off armed invader

A would-be robber invaded an East Texas home while the homeowner fights to keep him and his son alive.

The home invasion happened in the 4500 block of FM 2204, east of Kilgore, around 7:00 this morning. Gregg County officials say an armed man entered the home in search of money, but left empty handed. Tuesday afternoon, the homeowner showed KLTV 7 LaKecia Shockley step by step how he survived his home invasion.

"I slammed him into this wall here and I think that's when we fell on the floor. I wasn't going to let go of him. I had him...I wasn't going to let go of his gun hand."

I love warm and fuzzy stories like this.

One of my favorite stories like this was when two guys cased the home of an elderly couple and learned that no one else lived in the house. They came back a couple of nights later, broke in and tied the two old folks up in the downstairs living room. There was one difference. The day before the break in, the couple's son had gotten paroled after 8 years in prison and he had done nothing but lift weights for almost a decade. The guy came down the stairs with a baseball bat and beat the invaders both to paste.