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    There's yellow, and there's YELLOW. We have a soft golden yellow in a room we added on several years ago, which gets natural light on three sides, and the color changes during the day but is always soothing. I don't like "electric" yellows at all, or yellows with green undertones.
    My mother used a lot of the Willilamsburg colors in the house I grew up in, and "Wythe House Gold" was a favorite of hers, which was a kind of mustard-gold. I don't know if those colors would work in Florida, though.
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    I work for a company who lets us paint our departments/offices whatever color we want, which makes for some very odd color combos. Every office in my department and the hallway is yellow. with the lighting and the dark brown metal trim around the doors and windows, it leans towards a pastel mustard, if you can imagine it. (barf).

    My office is the same color my living room turned out to be on accident, a sky blue. we have tall ceilings, and my office doesn't have good lighting, I find the blue to be reflective. Plus, it's a good color for me, so I always look good.
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