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    Well, it's been law now for a while. Lets see all the good it's been doing!

    At the Clarion Hotel off International Boulevard, a sit-down restaurant has been shuttered, though it might soon be replaced by a less-labor-intensive cafe.

    Other businesses have adjusted in ways that run the gamut from putting more work in the hands of managers, to instituting a small “living-wage surcharge” for a daily parking space near the airport.


    The new surcharge of 50 cents a day at MasterPark in SeaTac is an attempt to recoup some costs of the $15 minimum wage, said managing partner Roger McCracken.


    Others say workers who already made at least $15 an hour want a raise to stay ahead of their less-experienced colleagues, leading to tense relations between labor and management. Some managers say they’re covering shifts for hourly-wage workers who are out sick to avoid paying overtime, and generally are doing more to hold down labor costs.

    While attending an event at a SeaTac hotel last week, I met two women who receive the $15/hour minimum wage. SeaTac has implemented the new law on Jan. 1. I met the women while they were working. One was a waitress and the other was cleaning the hallway.

    “Are you happy with the $15 wage?” I asked the full-time cleaning lady.

    “It sounds good, but it’s not good,” the woman said.“Why?” I asked.

    “I lost my 401k, health insurance, paid holiday, and vacation,” she responded. “No more free food,” she added.

    The hotel used to feed her. Now, she has to bring her own food. Also, no overtime, she said. She used to work extra hours and received overtime pay.

    What else? I asked.

    “I have to pay for parking,” she said.

    I then asked the part-time waitress, who was part of the catering staff.

    “Yes, I’ve got $15 an hour, but all my tips are now much less,” she said. Before the new wage law was implemented, her hourly wage was $7. But her tips added to more than $15 an hour. Yes, she used to receive free food and parking. Now, she has to bring her own food and pay for parking.

    Another staffer did not want to say anything, but he did say the $15 has a huge impact on the hotel.

    The wait staff said the hotel across the street is unionized. Therefore, management is not required to pay the $15 wage.

    After decades in Seattle, Northwest Caster and Equipment recently made the difficult decision to move the business to unincorporated Lynnwood, according to a report by KOMO news. The owner of the family business blames Seattle’s increasingly difficult business climate for the move: “It just seems like increasingly the city’s become a more difficult place to do business.”

    The city’s proposed $15 minimum wage was tops on the list of complaints. “If I’m going to bring someone in on an entry level, I’d prefer to start them out where I’d like to start them out, rather than having that dictated to me.”

    A commercial property landlord echoes those concerns about the $15 minimum wage, noting several tenants have signaled they may not renew their leases if it becomes law: “It’s just too expensive to operate in the city.”

    And in a story today, KUOW reports that small businesses throughout the city are panicking over the super high minimum wage. Multiple small business owners told KUOW they are holding off on opening new business or expanding their current business in Seattle, while others said they are delaying plans to hire new workers.
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    I remember Colorado bandying the idea around a little and it scared the hell out of me. As a technician for a durable medical equipment company, I make about $14.00 an hour. I typically get overtime every single week plus bonuses for any work I do while on a 24 hour on call status about twice a week. Add it up and I make a pretty decent living. If minimum were to jump to $15.00 an hour here I knew I would have to kiss it all goodbye.
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