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  1. #1 Vandal defaces campaign signs with Nazi symbols in Arlington 
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    Vandal defaces campaign signs with Nazi symbols in Arlington

    Arlington police are investigating after campaign signs for two Asian-American candidates were spray-painted with Nazi symbols.

    The signs, which were removed Wednesday, were defaced with black swastikas and SS insignias, Arlington police spokeswoman Tiara Richard said. They were on Collins and Cooper Street.

    The campaign signs belonged to District 7 council candidate Gerald Kern and Alex Kim, who is running for County Criminal Court No. 3.
    Probably leftists did it.

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    My town has made the national news over some campaign signs. A PAC was started by some bitter ex sheriff's dept employees and a few of their cheap ass negative signs were removed with the property owner's permission. To make a long story short, the under sheriff was arrested by a detective while the sheriff was out of town!

    I'm friends with the under sheriff, he is a pretty good guy. I'm also friends with the yahoos that started the "Anybody But Rick for Sheriff Facebook page" and several of the deputies.

    I hate law enforcement elections, they always turn ugly no matter where I have lived.

    There were four signs in the truck and the property owner has came forward and said they were placed there without her permission blocking the other campaign signs and she asked that they be removed. The arresting detective was not even assigned to the investigation and is in charge of the police union! What a mess.

    For the record Rick the undersheriff is a great guy, volunteer wrestling and football coach for the school district as well. He is also conservative. The other candidates are gun grabbers and pro-road blockers.

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    RJ, has there been any resolution to that?

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