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  1. #1 It's OK When A Black Person Says It 
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    Bash: Calling him an Uncle Tom, though, isnít that a racially charged term?

    Thompson: Uh, for some it is, but to others itís the truth.

    Bash: Because, you know, looking at that and hearing that kind of language, that certainly wouldnít be , you know, appropriate, if it was coming from somebody who was white.

    Thompson: But Iím black.

    Bash: So that makes it OK?

    Thompson: Well, I mean, you asked me the question and Iím giving you the response.
    Of course CNN will let this drop and no one else except maybe Fox News will mention this. See, it's OK to say racially charged things if you're black.
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    It's what I refer to as "Black privilege."
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    Even in youtube comments on real estate shows:

    Noticed that this racist statement has remained for 3 months.

    Maybe Frank knows this piece of crap's DU name.
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