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    What part of that justifies giving a woman someone else's money - my money? I didn't create her condition, nor did any other taxpayer (with the exception of the sperm donor).
    We all are being forced to do something with tax payer money that we don't want. I'm being forced to pay for the death penalty. I'm also being forced to feed, clothe, and give medical attention to people that the state wants to hold prisoner just because they smoked marijuana. Years ago, my tax payer money went toward abstinence only education. (What? Parents can't tell their kids to say no to sex?).

    We all pay money into what we don't want. I'd like my money to go toward helping people get on their feet or back on their feet. It's not about rewarding people for bad behavior. It's about helping people out. It's also about not punishing kids for what their parents did. If you want to talk about what's not fair. Nothing regarding that child is fair.

    So, you do believe that people who pay more in taxes should receive more in government services. How does that square with your support of giving taxpayer money to people who haven't earned it?
    That isn't what I said. Here's what I'm saying. When we all file for taxes we should not be told that our refund (if we get one) would be more than what we pay into the system. If I put two thousand into the system this year, then I shouldn't get back more than that for my refund.

    Eligibility for a social program is another issue. That's based on income and need.
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