And they accuse us of being underhanded!

jgraz (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-12-08 04:29 PM
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Is it time to increase the size of the Supreme Court? Today's 5-4 Habeas decision has got me thinking: Congress has the power to fix the size of the Supreme Court. Perhaps the Democrats should use their new embiggened majority to give President Obama a couple more appointments in 2009.

Of course, there's that little detail of winning the election, but I think we need to start thinking BIG about rolling back 28 years of conservative rule.
But it we wanted to do this, we would be eeeeeeeeeeeevil

defendandprotect (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-12-08 04:31 PM
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1. We need to do something to end the embarrassment of this Supreme Court . . . the population of the country has increased --- and the diversity -- why not the SC?

I'd be for impeaching Clarence Thomas --- and reopening investigation into his status
as the SC's pervert ---
Vincardog (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-12-08 04:32 PM
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2. I think we could use another 4 justices. Maybe Gore Nader Edwards and a heartburn to be named later
Excuse me while I go puke.

QuestionAll (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-12-08 04:33 PM
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3. if mccain gets his hands on it, the next president/congress will have to add A LOT of new seats.
i'd suggest waiting to expand it until it's really needed.

had it gone 5-4 the other way today re; habeas corpus, i'd be more amenable to the idea.
That really just says it all doesn't it.

Mike Daniels (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-12-08 04:37 PM
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5. So I guess you'll be in favor of increasing the size as well if McCain wins? ....crickets chirping....

Didn't think so.
jgraz (1000+ posts) Thu Jun-12-08 04:42 PM
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6. Of course I fucking won't be in favor of that. What's your point?