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  1. #1 Sasse wins GOP Senate primary in Nebraska 
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    Tea Party-backed candidate Sasse wins GOP Senate primary in Nebraska

    Tea Party favorite Ben Sasse won the Republican nomination for an open Senate seat in Nebraska Tuesday night, after a heated and costly primary battle that drew heavy national attention.

    Sasse, a university president, was able to hold off former state treasurer Shane Osborn and dark horse candidate Sid Dinsdale, who had begun to surge in recent weeks. Sasse grabbed 49 percent of the vote with Dinsdale finishing second and Osborn finishing third, according to preliminary returns

    Osborn had the backing of allies of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and ran an aggressive campaign. Further scrambling the race, Pinnacle Bank President Dinsdale had sought to capitalize on the Sasse-Osborn fight and had climbed in the polls.
    Fox News

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    Osborn had the backing of allies of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky
    Allow me to be the first on this thread to say "take that, you establishment putz".

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    As in other races during 2010 when a Tea Party candidate wins the republican primary, the republican establishment often helps the democrat win in the general.

    We'll see if that trend continues.
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    Well, this is exacty what happened:

    I saw it with my own eyes, right in front of me.

    Drudge, National Review spur Sasse win

    The Drudge Report and National Review both deserve a share of the credit for Republican Ben Sasse’s victory in Tuesday’s Nebraska Senate primary.

    Sasse, a Yale history PhD and official in George W. Bush’s Department of Health and Human Services, was basically unknown when he got into the race last year. His first internal poll showed him trailing former state Treasurer Shane Osborn 40 percent to 3 percent.....
    Kind of sort of the same thing happened back in 2012, when an obscure state senator took on the establishment Republicans, and then former Senator J. Robert "Bob" Kerrey. She came out of nowhere, and landslided.

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    Good. Getting tired of the Establishment Republicans.

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