I don't like what they're saying, so arrest them!!

berni_mccoy (1000+ posts) Fri Oct-10-08 10:30 AM
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McCain and Palin Have Gone To Far. They Need to be ARRESTED!
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There are several videos now capturing crowd reactions to McCain/Palin recent campaign events.

They have been incited to believe that Obama is a terrorist by the stump speeches given by McCain and Palin.

They have become a mob that is ready to lynch Obama. There is no other way to put it. And those who incite the mob are breaking the law.

It is not free speech.
It is not the truth.
They are not mincing words or speaking coded language.

They are speaking directly to their core supporters, not with the intent of winning over independents who they know will be repulsed by this tactic. They are speaking directly to their supporters to incite hatred and anger. And this is illegal. If one of their supporters should, God forbid, harm Obama, then McCain and Palin would be guilty of that crime as well.

They need to be stopped BY LAW ENFORCEMENT. NOW!
BklynChick (1000+ posts) Fri Oct-10-08 10:35 AM
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6. on the phone w/Senate Ethics Committee right now. Anyone have number for secret service?
grannie4peace (1000+ posts) Fri Oct-10-08 10:40 AM
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14. i called the secret service-- google them---their phone # is posted
I'd love to hear those calls with the Secret Service:
DUmmy: Arrest them! Arrest them!
SS Agent: Go away, moonbat.

One has the courage to stand up to the Hive:
Viking12 (1000+ posts) Fri Oct-10-08 10:36 AM
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If I see this anti-free speech bullshit on DU one more time my head is going to explode. Using your standards, half the people that post here should be arrested. Just because the RWnuts want to shred the Constitution doesn't mean we should jump on the bandwagon.

McCain/Palin are disgusting, horrible, and grossly unethical. That doesn't make them criminals. Counter bad speech with more and better speech, not fascist tendencies.