I agree, that is a bit much for a fourth grader, and so did the the administartion. I am not quite sure how you think that indicts the entire concept of Common core. Do you think similar mistakes were ever made prior to common core?

"YISD administration is aware of an unacceptable assignment that was given to a fourth-grade class at Pasodale Elementary,” the statement said. “We apologize to the students and the parents who received this assignment,” the statement said. “Campus administration has addressed the issue with the teacher, and has taken decisive measures to assure that future assignments are aligned to the curriculum and are of the highest instructional caliber.”

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Yes, I do.


This is a link to an article with excerpts from a political survey given to 6th graders. Besides totally distorting conservative positions, it is completely unfair to expect 12-year olds to label themselves politically, and is even more outrageous to expect them to assess their parents' political opinions. I would paste the excerpts themselves, but I'm not sure how.


there are many, many other criticisms out there. I just don't have time to list them all.