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  1. #1 Is Obama trying to get away with something by being Black 
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    pscot (17,528 posts)

    Is Obama trying to get away with something by being Black
    This is the title of a discussion started by a conservative over at Dicussionist. For those who haven't visited, just a taste of what you're missing. The poster seems to be dead serious.
    Being DU no link was given, of course.
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    1. OMG, racist conservatives over at Discussionist?

    SAY IT ISN'T SO!!!
    They ignore the fact that he gets away with a lot since it is "RACIST" to criticize him and his policies.
    Submariner (7,718 posts)
    4. Yes indeed. Obama is Black so he can distract attention from discussing Benghazi

    it's the only logical explanation.
    Tue May 27, 2014, 12:01 AM
    AverageJoe90 (8,304 posts)
    5. Whoever this guy is.....he's a racist douchebag. Fuck 'im.
    They don't even know what the context of the OP is.... but they know he is "a racist douchebag".
    Star Member lpbk2713 (24,970 posts)
    9. Looks like the welcome mat is out for everyone over there.

    Even for stupid Klansmen.
    Number23 (16,184 posts)
    13. Yep and yep. Why anyone would choose to hang out there is simply beyond me

    And it does say alot that some of the biggest rat bags here are the main ones clapping the hardest for Discrustiest.
    Star Member pscot (17,528 posts)
    14. You have to be willing

    to carry the fight to the enemy. And they aren't all as bad as this guy.
    Number23 (16,184 posts)
    16. Are you serious or being facetious? I can't think of a more pointless waste of time than

    "carrying a fight" on the Internet "to the enemy." Who gives a flip?
    Star Member pscot (17,528 posts)
    18. What's the point

    of sitting around talking to yourself? For every hardcore wingnut, there's another person who's confused, misinformed or indifferent. Many are just clueless and believe the guys who make the most noise. That's generally the conservatives. Why would you pass up a chance to spread the good news about the Progressive agenda? This is the basis for Christianity and Tupperware, so we know it works. Right now some of these folks are getting all their misinformation from Faux news or Alex Jones. They need to hear from us.
    The DU's comfortable....and safe...."we" don't have to listen to those "others".
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    15. "some of the biggest rat bags here are the main ones clapping the hardest for Dis..."

    Glad people are noticing that.
    Star Member Starry Messenger (23,819 posts)
    20. Some of us don't go there, for reasons like that.
    Whisp (23,500 posts)
    21. I know what I am missing that's why I dont' go there.

    Why bring that trash here, really?

    We have our own problems with how people speak of and treat the President right here on DU, why would we want to go slumming for more?
    NCTraveler (3,433 posts)
    28. The person is loving the fact that an op was started here about them. nt.
    Doubt it, but he/she is probably loving it that DU doesn't disappoint in their insistence that other points of view be avoided and banned.
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