The Pennsylvania Republican party is claiming that fraudulent voter registration efforts by ACORN are threatening the integrity of the coming election.

Saying ACORN has ties to Barack Obama, Pennsylvania GOP leaders are questioning the integrity of the election, citing ACORNís voter registration activities.

But even if there are problems with ACORN, Rendell administration spokesman Chuck Ardo claims thereís a difference between fraudulent voter registration applications and bogus registrations:

ďThose names are ferreted out, and those voters never actually make it to the polls."

But state GOP Chairman Robert Gleason says there are thousands of questionable applications and he believes some have gotten through:

ďThere are many people double- and triple-registered. That means they can vote three times."

In Philadelphia, deputy commissioner Fred Voigt confirms there have been problems with ACORNís registration efforts, but also insists city officials have been able to weed out bad applications.