Rescued a cat that showed up over a year ago. It was someones pet as it was already fixed but it was going feral. It was kind of a project. I fed him outside, then he started to come inside, and seemed tame. My mom had him caught and took to vegas (she lives next door to me) and that is when we found out he was fixed, they gave him his shots. We then had another stray caught and fixed but a female took off as she was already prego.......just trying to keep the population down. A low cost spay and neuter clinic, is in Vegas, an older lady drives a load of animals in, spends all day and drives back, God Bless her. She takes donations. I gave her a little extra.

The recused maie stuck around through two winters, but he would bite once in a while, once my mom ended up with a blood infection. He had to be locked up for ten days for bad behavior. My mom also hid the fact that he had lunged at her and bit her a couple other times after that. While watching the cat, I was bit on the leg. In June he got me again. I surrendered him to the pound. Hated to let him go, but cant take the chance of him biting a child or getting an infection from a dangerous cat bite. I had to listen to him cry in the cage, and as they put him in the truck and drive off. it sucked. It was my moms cat but she had been sick so I pretty much did most of the work. He liked to be outdoors a lot and that was part of the problem.

Last week she shows up with two male kittens from the shelter, 4 months old that are kittens. They play together nicely. Lots of energy. She thought I would take one, I really am not interested in another cat right now. Plus these cats were in the same cage at the pound. If they cant see each other they cry out for each could you separate them? I could not. I let her know my thoughts. I thought for sure the rescue was over his wild streak, but if you cant walk by your pet without being attacked when you are trying to get ready for work, that does not fly. I really lost my temper. People that know me, know that I'm easy going and usually do not get upset. He almost went out to the back yard to be put down by me. It was the third time he had bit me, and the previous time was in Feb. If I would of went to the doctor, animal control would of taken him anyways. My mom had to catch and hand the cat to the animal control officer she was pretty upset.

I kinda liked being without a pet with my moms health, one less worry for me as if she decides to take off to my sisters or go back home, then it's another thing for me to take care of. I'm not lazy, just busy and have my own stuff going on.

If someone just wanted an outdoor barn cat he might of been ok, but I kept finding stray rabbit bones and just the other day it looks iike I found either a dog or cat hind quarter with the ankle and foot still attached.

We tried. We did more then most people would do. So many people move and leave their pets. Even at the RV parks, people drive off and realize they left the cat behind and they wont turn around to go get it.

I had my mom call my sister and tell her we were naming the all white kitten with two different colored eyes "cracker."

My sister sent me an interesting text. I told her the half black, half white cat we named mixer.

The white kitten is Teddy and the mixed cat is Blade s he has a white streak on his back. It's pretty therapeutic for my mom. It's going to be a pain in the as for me.