After reading about various "associates" of Obama's, I decided to start an "A" list of Barack Hussein Obama's Associates. A comprehensive list might be what is needed to awaken people to just how dangerous it is to vote for Obama.
Barack Obama & Raila Odinga

Feel free to add to the list: William Ayers (Weather Underground - US Terrorist) Bernadine Dohrn (Weather Underground - US Terroist) Tony Rezko (Chicago Politics - convicted felon) Al Mansour (Muslim financier who aided Barack financially while at Harvard/aka: Donald Warden) Reverend Wright (BOs pastor - 20 yrs) Father Pfleiger Rabbi Capers Funnye (Michelle Obama's Cousin) Raila Odinga (Kenyan radical muslim Cousin of Barack's) Muhammad Hasa Chandoo (College Roommate #1 from Pakistan) Wahid Hamid (College Roommate #2 from Pakistan) Nadhmi Auchi (lent Obama over 3 million) Valerie Jarret (MOs boss, then BOs campaign team) Robert Malley (former campaign staff w/ties to Hamas) Saul Alinsky (Barack's early idol/mentor for ideals)