WilliamPitt (56,857 posts)

Watching Iraq disintegrate makes me want to break things.

I'm quite sure I'm not alone here in this.

We were right. We tried, GOD, we tried.

Guess what, folks? Here we go again. Iraq War 3.0, with theater-wide implications to boot, because the Smart People don't ever listen to the street-shouters until it is way, way too late.

Don't worry, though. The same people will get rich off this all over again - shit, we're about to sell Iraq F-16s even as the walls come down - because the business of America is business.

And that, apparently, is all that matters.
Yea, the United States tried............right up to the point that Obama became President.

They are wailing away over on DU. Wailing because the country is going into chaos, but adamant that the US should do nothing. They wailed because some civilians were killed in the initial fighting..........lied about it being over a million people, and insisted we shouldn't be there. If we weren't people wouldn't be killed.

Now they wail, but the reality is they only care about blaming Republicans. They don't care about those who are being killed or will be killed by the extremists. Just like they didn't care about all the people from Vietnam who were killed when the US pulled out when the liberals engineered the US pulling out.

This is directly Obama's fault. There were/are things he could have and should have done.........and he refused. It's on his head.
jimlup (4,593 posts)

5. The thing that makes me angry is

hearing the right-wingers blame Obama. I don't agree with Obama on all fronts but he was handed a bag of shit on this one.
Leftists think Obama should get a pass for his incompetence because being president is hard.

Obama KNEW what he was getting into when he ran for President. He doesn't get a pass because something is hard. He DOES get rightfully blamed when he's incompetent.
sabrina 1 (44,356 posts)

46. He was handed war crimes including Whistle Blowers who revealed more of them. He chose to move

forward rather than take the bull by the horns and start investigations immediately. He told us it would be better for the country to look ahead.

We said at the time that protecting war criminals was a huge mistake. They don't view themselves as criminals and the only way to force that reality on them, is to prosecute them.

So now they are blaming him for their crimes.

Is anyone surprised?

The Left was right again. And again they were pretty much told to stfu because the adults were in charge.

But for the warmongers this is all great news. But of course they won't say that publicly, it will be hard for them to hide their excitement at the prospect of more billions of dollars, but they will and they will blame the person who saved them from getting the justice they deserve.
It's kind of hard to prosecute so called "war crimes" when those are simply things that liberals have arbitrarily decided to define as "war crimes".
kelliekat44 (4,324 posts)

28. We should not do air strikes. New reports outside USA say Mosul is quiet. Civilians preferring

insurgents to current government. Insurgents right now treating civilians ok. You have to listen to new from sources outside the US.

Most Iraqis hate the government set up by US. And any air strikes will just kill a lot more innocent people.

Who remembers when Iraq under Saddam was virtually a secular government allowing all people to worship by their chosen beliefs, even including Jews? Sure there were political divisions and one group were the "haves" one group were the "have nots" but there was stability and a national Iraqi pride. Women were educated, and the government was running services though scant in some area but now hardly anyone has services, jobs or safety.
Sure, they're quiet. When people are scared they get very quiet.....if they haven't already left.

The leftists are all saying, "do nothing, we are hated, the people didn't like the government". And when honor killings increase, girls are taken as "wives" when they are 6 or 9, when women who are raped are caned 200 times for "adultery" the left will either claim Christianity is just as bad or that that is what Christians want as part of a theocracy, or will claim that it isn't our business, let them do as they want.
craigmatic (3,340 posts)

43. We should do nothing. Let the Iranians support their puppets against the sunnis there. We've paid

our debts to Iraq. This situation will fix itself Iran won't stand for a sunni fundamentalist state next door. We should wait to see how this resolves itself and then help the winner. that you? Sure sounds like what he wants..............the terrorists/Islamists to win.
Kablooie (10,200 posts)

47. And we're going to hear continuous screaming that it's all Obama's fault.

And a lot of voters will believe that.
They should. It's the truth.