This has been one of the most overwhelming weeks of my life and I couldn't be more thrilled to have it over. It started last Thursday when I received some news that left my heart shattered in a thousand pieces. Add to that my craptacular car acting up again and virtually no sleep (due to stress of car, finances, and broken heart), and I have been one emotional and physical wreck.

A couple upsides to this week have been my very positive experience with AAA Auto Repair (see thread for details) and the fact that I surpassed JB in Fantasy Baseball (You're next CS and Wiggum).

I suspect tomorrow will be hot and sunny, blah, blah, blah...:D

TOTD: Have you ever gone to a movie, show, or sporting event alone? Or any event that is typically attended in couples or groups?

I want to go to Saturday night's D'backs game. Everyone I asked to join me has prior plans. How pathetic would I look if I went by myself?