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  1. #1 Veerrry interesting stats on charitable contrib. by State.I wouldn't have guessed it 
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    clarice (1,304 posts)
    Veerrry interesting stats on charitable contributions by State....I wouldn't have guessed it.

    Liberals show their intolerance, bigotry and "make the 'rich' pay" attitude.

    Comments from the article:
    Evan55 • 10 months ago top 9 and 16 of the top 20 all red states
    bottom 9 of 10 are all blue states
    how about that liberal kindness, and cold hearted conservatism.

    Sail2DeepBlue Evan55 • 6 months ago Silly,
    This ignores that the red states in question already start out with weaker wages and social safety nets. Liberal kindness shows more readily by realizing that poverty is a social problem needing social addressing by greater tax provision. It is the reason charitable contributions tend to be lower in Europe than the US, but typically still have lower poverty rates.

    Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, SC, Idaho, Arkansas, and Georgia
    (in the top ten), all have poverty rates in the approx. 15 – 20% range. States like Vermont, Massachusetts,Connecticut, Wisconsin, NH (lowest rate in the country) and NJ (2nd lowest rate) have poverty rates of approx. 6 – 10 %:
    Liberals don't have to give, because they make everyone pay for it in higher taxes.That must be what they mean when they tell me that I'm not voting in my best interests??

    Comments from DU:

    Lex (33,572 posts)

    13. Most churches give very little away

    and instead use it to build bigger churches and pay salaries of an array of assistant pastors, junior pastors, etc.
    PeaceNikki (21,311 posts)

    15. And also to fight marriage equality and reproductive rights. Fuck them.
    Coventina (10,816 posts)

    10. Agree with previous posters: When people are taught that part of being a good Christian is tithing,

    it's no surprise that the Bible Belt "excels" at "charitable" giving.

    Find the study that strips out that component and get back to me....
    In other words atheist liberals don't think that being a good person involves charitable giving. OK

    PeaceNikki (21,311 posts)
    26. Exactly what percentage of the dollars donated to a church go to the poor?

    Oh, you don't know? That's because they are not required to disclose that data. I do know that at least some goes to fighting against equality and autonomy. So, yeah - fuck them.
    clarice (1,304 posts)

    28. Odd post from someone called PeaceNikki.....just sayin' nt
    PeaceNikki has a fit in a most unpeaceful like manner.

    PeaceNikki (21,311 posts)

    33. WTF is that even supposed to mean? Explain yourself. Did you read what I wrote?

    Oh, did the 'fuck them' at the end offend you? Well you know what offends me? Assholes raising money to fight against equality and my autonomy and calling it 'charity'.

    A pox on them and anyone who thinks that is fucking noble.
    billh58 (4,275 posts)

    71. The states that rank

    among the top in this survey, are the ones that need the most charity due to right-wing economic policies like right-to-work and its guaranteed below poverty wages. Most red states could not stay afloat without religious charity and federal tax money.
    Dawson Leery (11,126 posts)

    77. "Christian" Madrasas (Mega churches) are a dime a dozen in the southeast.

    The money sent to them goes to enrich the pastors and to missionaries who go to Africa to preach hatred against non-fundamentalist Christians, gays women, etc.....

    In America, they are using their funds to fight against gay equality and reproductive choice.
    Right. Christian churches are just like Muslim Madrasas. That's a sure sign of a hater.
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    DUmmies aren't haters!!!!

    The hate is dripping off that post.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Greed, envy, jealousy, word describes them
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    How many times have we seen suggestions that people go to their local churches for help? Quite a few at the DUmp have talked about getting help from church food banks.

    Where are the atheist charities?
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