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    On my phone, but could someone please copy & paste the idiocy of this thread?
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    GOP:The Party of Satan. (Ayn)Rand Paul, GOP's 2016 Messiah is the Anti-Christ.

    Ayn Rand: the mother of American Satanism

    When I say that Ayn Rand was a wanna be Antichrist who inspired The Satanist Bible, I am not suggesting that Paul Ryan, a huge Ayn Rand fan, shares that distinction. Ryan is struggling to be a good Catholic Christian and a devotee of a woman who turned the teaching of Jesus on its head.

    Fortunately, a long list of conservative politicians and Christians has no illusions about Ayn Rand. The late Charles Colson, shortly before his death, made a last ditch attempt to warn fellow conservatives that Ayn Rand and Jesus are antithetical. “Atlas shrugged,” Colson said, “and so should you.”

    Colson wasn’t alone.

    In a biting article in First Things, a conservative Christian journal founded by Richard John Neuhaus, Joe Carter addressed the link between the Satanism of Anton LeVey (the author of The Satanic Bible) and Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy.

    ".......Even if this were not the case, though, what would warrant the current influence of her thought within the conservative movement? Rand was a third-rate writer who was too arrogant to recognize her own ignorance (she believed she was the third greatest philosopher in history, behind only Aristotle and Aquinas). She misunderstood almost every concept she engaged with—from capitalism to freedom—and wrote nothing that had not been treated before by better thinkers. We don’t need her any more than we need LeVay.

    Few conservatives will fall completely under Rand’s diabolic sway. But we are sustaining a climate in which not a few gullible souls believe she is worth taking seriously. Are we willing to be held responsible for pushing them to adopt an anti-Christian worldview? If so, perhaps instead of recommending Atlas Shrugged, we should simply hand out copies of The Satanic Bible. If they’re going to align with a satanic cult, they might as well join the one that has the better holidays...."

    Faux historian David Barton wasn’t publicly unmasked until conservative Christian scholars, embarrassed by being associated with blatant lies and distortions, went into full revolt. I am hoping the same dynamic plays out in connection with Paul Ryan’s boyish infatuation with a woman who hated his Jesus with the darkest passion.

    This debate transcends partisanship. The big problem is that Ayn Rand’s Antichrist philosophy drives a business culture where, by design, only the strong survive. Unless you argue that Christian ethics have nothing to do with the teaching of Jesus, or that the teaching of Jesus should be dissociated from business ethics, this is a problem. Paul Ryan like Ayn Rand because, like most American politicians, red and blue, he shares her take-no-prisoners, profit-driven outlook. The only people exempted from this survival of the fittest social Darwinism are your family of origin, your spouse and your children. Everyone else is on their own.

    That is the philosophy of Antichrist.
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    11. Ayn Rand is absolutely Anti-Christ.

    One can NOT follow both Ayn Rand's teachings and Jesus Christ's teachings simultaneously.

    One can pretend to follow both, but ultimately you have to put one of their teachings on a higher pedestal and one of their teachings becomes more central to their values and day-to-day beliefs and actions.

    Ayn Rand had nothing but absolute disgust for Christians, and she despised altruism. There is plenty of absolute proof of this statement to be found if one takes a very simple and cursory look around.

    Ayn Rand's teachings are so foul, disgusting and elitist that I have absolutely no idea how conservative Christians can claim to follow Jesus Christ while adhering to Ayn Rand's philosophies. She had CONTEMPT for the poor. That's not Christ-like. Period.
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    I was never clear whether Anton LeVey was more interested in being a satanist or making money by tricking people, which I guess is another way of serving the same master.

    I haven't read any of Ayn Rand's books. I think someone who is a Christian can read a book by someone who was not one, appreciate the book and philosophy expressed in it, yet remain faithful to his or her religious path.
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