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    Quote Originally Posted by AlmostThere View Post
    They could find Jimmy Hoffa's body with Obama's name all over it and it wouldn't make a damn bit of difference. He gets in and we're stuck with him.
    Exactly. Thinking that the public will be outraged about something they don't understand that didn't impact their personal lives is silly. It's like the DUers thinking Fitzmas mattered
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    God damnit I'm so sick of this already...will Americans ever wake the hell up? What am I talking about, of course they wont. Useful idiots, that's what Obama wants. Here's a comment Barry Goldwater made about the Democratic party elections in 1976, see if it doesn't hold total water today:

    Journal Entry (June 6, 1976)

    "So I am convinced more than ever that it is virtually impossible to be elected in this country by telling the truth. The People only want to hear what makes them feel better."

    And after Carter was elected:

    Journal Entry (November 5, 1976)

    "Jimmy Carter had put together the old formula of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: organize the minorities, promise them everything you can promise them and you'll get elected."

    "Don't vote. It only encourages the bastards." -PJ O'Roarke
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