Here's how this strategy works:

Obama knows he's can't win the election with his current support base: racist blacks and some naive guilty whites who are voting for him only becuase of his skin color, loony left wingnuts who are drooling at the chance Obama offers to "re-educate conservatives", and the elite limousine liberal MSM wolfpack, whose inevitable demise can only be averted if Obama wins and they become the official state propoganda organ.

Obama and his coterie know he cannot possibly win because he can't close the deal with his party base. They all know that the Democrat party is now hopelessly divided because of the still seething anger of the multitudes of former Hillary supporters and because of the large numbers of Reagan Democrats, none of whom will ever vote for Obama. On the other hand, they can clearly see that the Republican base is motivated as never before.

So the Obama cabal turns to their long-time ally, ACORN, and directs them to step up their cynical efforts to submit fraudulent Dem voter registrations. ACORN, who has been at this for over a year already, suddenly goes into a frenzy and brazenly submits millions of fake registrations. ACORN doesn't care that many of these registrations will be caught and discarded by the authorities -- they know many of them will get through to be counted. And in this case, it's not fraudulent votes that ACORN wants counted, it's the fake registrations themselves. You see, the idea is simply to inflate the number of Democrat voter registrations.

Next, the pollsters say, Wow, look at all these new Dem registrations -- there's obviously going to be a lot more Democrats than Republicans voting this time! We better re-weight our polling samples to compensate. They do so, and the re-weighted polls then naturally show Obama ahead, some more than others. Newsweek's latest poll, for example, has a full 11% difference favoring Democrats in their weighting. Coincidently, the same Newsweek poll shows Obama winning by 11 percent. The actual difference recorded in 2004 was zero -- 39% Democrat, 39% Republican.

Carville, Mathews, Oberman, and the rest of the MSM report on these polls and then start saying, Jeez, if Obama loses the election while the polls show him winning by this much, there's gonna be riots! Why would they say this? Could it be that they know Obama is going to lose?

Meanwhile, at McCain/Palin rallies, where each crowd is more huge than the last, Obama and the MSM plant fake agitators to shout violent, anti-Obama soundbites. Or not. Whether or not the soundbites are really heard at the McCain/Palin rallies is irrelevant, the MSM is nevertheless directed by Obama to report that McCain supporters are losing control and calling for violence against Obama.

Obama and the MSM then lambast the McCain/Palin campaign for the increasingly violent nature of their supporters -- these Republicans are really getting more and more desperate because the polls show McCain is losing badly, the MSM reports. At Obama rallies, where the crowds are steadily dwindling, Obama gets what's left of his supporters all worked up about these reported threats to his Oneness, and his followers come away ready for a fight.

On November 4, Obama badly loses the election as he, ACORN, Gallup, and the MSM all expect... Shazam! Obama supporters begin to riot that night and the next day, carrying professionally made placards reading something like, "How Can All the Polls be Wrong? McCain Stole the Election!"

What's the Kenyan connection to this 2-step? Obama advised his cousin Odinga to use this same strategy during the recent election aftermath in Kenya when Odinga lost by 200,000 votes. I think we're all familiar with what happened there. Will there be as much murder and mayhem here as there was in Kenya? Will Obama be able to wrest control of the U.S. government through this strategy like Odinga did in Kenya? That remains to be seen.