I mentioned a high school buddy of mine a while back who was counting his final days. He's still alive and kicking and just found this cut from Dillinger on youtube. His commentary:

1973 Version of the film......
This was one of the fun things that I was able to experience during my life. This DILLINGER movie was filmed in several towns, but they actually were on location in and around Ardmore for about 2 weeks. Numerous locals were used as extras. I was one of the ones chosen, due to having been in several Little Theatre plays locally. You will find me shortly after Ben Johnson (played Melvin Purvis, head of FBI) lights his cigar, which was the chosen signal to start the ambush of the Dillinger gang, who were hold up in a hunting and fishing lodge. I was one of a few guys who were being held hostage by the Dillinger gang. I was sent out the door, and said: "What the hell is going on out here" Melvin Purvis said: "Hold it, FBI agents" Then they shot me, and I fell back thru the window, then dead on the porch. Richard Dryfeuss (Baby Face Nelson) who was later in Close Encounters, and Jaws, held a Thompson Sub-Machine gun over my head and started shooting back at the FBI. It was a lot of fun and I followed the crew around for both weeks, watching how movies are filmed, watched the stunt men work, and the special effects men. It was a great experience.
I later was able to get in costume, and was supposed to ride a 1919 model Harley Davidson motorcycle, in a movie name Moonbeam Rider, with David Carradine and Brenda Vaccaro. However, after getting in costume, was told by the special effects men that they had already filmed the scene a Lawton, Ok. in order to send the motorcycles back to Hollywood, and save on their rental fees. Oh, well, life goes on!
I recently found that this was on You Tube, so I thought I would send it out to those who might be concerned! Hope that you enjoy it