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    From the Monterey County Weekly:

    Fish don't have Facebook to help keep tabs on their schoolmates. Like junior high students before the Internet, they have to hang out for a while to become pals.

    But a research team at Australia's James Cook University found that ocean acidification, caused by the fossil fuel burning that drives climate change, could be robbing some tropical fish of their ability to remember friends.

    Under normal ocean conditions, juvenile damselfish take about three weeks recognize their other fish in their schools. But under simulated conditions with estimated carbon dioxide levels in the year 2100, damselfish apparently lose that ability to distinguish between schoolmates and strangers—like a collective case of fish Alzheimer's.

    Lead investigator Lauren Nadler suggests elevated CO2 levels interfere with fish neuroreceptors, impairing senses such as sight and smell, which they use to recognize others.

    "Whatever the cause, losing the ability to find friends spells possible trouble for damselfish, as well as other species more valuable to the international economy," writes John Metcalfe, who reports for The Atlantic’sCityLab in collaboration with Climate Desk. "The Australian research adds another clue to the mounting pile of evidence that climate change will rock the ocean in ways we are just beginning to understand."
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    Totally ignoring the research that found that the current "acidification" (to use their incorrect verbiage) is due to over fertilization of the Aussie soil and it's subsequent runoff. That has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt as the cause of the damage to the GBR.
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    They're talking about CO2 levels projected for the year 2100! That's 86 years from now! Do they have as much as 86 years of accurate, worldwide-scope CO2 data for the past? Or are they projecting based on 5 or 10 years of data plus some model's (= circular reasoning!) projection?
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