Look at pics of Obama, those eyes seem to have nothing behind him. I've always wondered how the MSM talked about what a cool guy he is, so caring, blah, blah. In my opinion he's truly a dessicated, dry, empty suit without the milk of human kindness. Something must have gone terribly wrong in his childhood for him to be so detached, so narcissistic. But I digress.

Check out the story in the Newsmax feed on the right side of the screen. I'll just insert a few of Mary Matalin's comments. I think that she's right on the mark.

President Barack Obama's refusal to visit the U.S.-Texas border, followed by a beer drinking, pool-shooting session with the governor of Colorado, proves the commander-in-chief has no soul, veteran GOP political consultant Mary Matalin says.

"I've known and have worked with … many politicians and they have a soul. I keep looking for this man's soul and I can't find it. ''
She goes on to say how she fears for those children and the fate that awaits them, probably being used in the sex trafficing trade or for drug mules.

"He has no empathy. There's no understanding. It's just, everything's a celebration of him or some self-consciousness-raising of him.

"It's just like he's always laughing and beering around … I don't understand it.''

Matalin says she has heard Obama's refusal to visit the border being compared to President George W. Bush's slow response to the devastation in New Orleans caused by Hurricane Katrina.

"For the politicians [and] pundits who are saying this is Obama's Katrina, let me tell you something about his soul: to this day, George W. Bush and Laura Bush are still very, although quietly, very, very involved in the recovery of New Orleans and surrounding areas,'' Matalin said.

"[Obama] cares about nothing and this is so immoral … [He] offers nothing but perverse incentives like legal aid for these illegals or humanitarian aid …

"He wants chaos at the borders and it's hard for us to analyze why a president would initiate and sanction and incentivize such chaos. That's exactly what it is and what he's seeking to do.''
For all the BS that is thrown at Bush, to this day he and Laura are quietly helping veterans, helping the folks in NO, doing good deeds without the photo ops. I haven't seen accounts of him or his dad going out and doing the big speakers circuit route. They have class, unlike the Clintons.

Sorry but just so outraged by the conduct of the Obama dministration and its admirers, who never see that the emperor truly has no clothes---or a soul.