Brave 84 Year Old

Too bad the Annointed One doesn't have the courage of this 84 year old Chicago area lady. She saved the life of her neighbor's pharoh hound.

84-Year-Old Woman Rescues Dog from Pack of Coyotes

by Grieves, Deidre

When people are confronted by a wild pack of coyotes, they run or hide or cower with fear. But an 84-year-old woman who lives in Bensenville, just outside of Chicago, risked her life to save a dog from a vicious attack.

Dolores "Dolly" Jefferson told NBC Chicago that she was getting her morning coffee when her dog started barking and alerted her to a problem behind her home. When Jefferson walked behind her house to check on the situation, she saw her neighbor’s dog surrounded by five large coyotes.

Roxie, an 11-year old, 26-pound Egyptian Pharaoh Hound, had already been bitten on the nose and was running around trying to escape the pack. Roxie’s owner, Rich Parent, was chopping wood with a wood splitter at the time and couldn’t hear or see the attack happening.

Jefferson said that she just charged at the coyotes and started screaming. Her son told her that making loud noises is one way to scare coyotes off. Thankfully, her tactics worked, and Roxie was able to escape the scary situation.

Roxie was evaluated by a vet, and despite minor injuries, the dog is expected to make a full recovery.
Parent told reporters that he is thankful that Jefferson stepped up to help his dog. He bought his neighbor a bullhorn so that she can easily scare off more coyotes if they wind up in her backyard