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  1. #1 Is Hotel Shampoo Racist? This Guy Thinks So 
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    Is Hotel Shampoo Racist? This Guy Thinks So

    As global civilization collapses, The Root takes on microagression at Motel 6.
    By Katherine Timpf

    Is your hotel bathroom breeding racists?

    That question came up in a live Q&A with the features editor of The Root in mid-July. One participant called hotel shampoo a racist “microaggression” and asked for advice on how to take action against the injustice.

    “Why don’t America’s hotels provide hair products for black as well as white hair?” asked the reader, Don Mullen.

    “Is there a way to get them to correct this ‘micro-aggression’?” Mullen continued.

    Rather than give advice on how to battle shampoo racism, however, Jenée Desmond-Harris said she was “not so sure about the shampoo and conditioner selection as a microaggression.”

    “Really, no one who needs or wants anything special for their hair — black or white — is particularly well served by hotel products,” she said.

    Desmond-Harris did suggest that if hotel shampoo were a microagression, hotel lotion would be one too, since “the tiny moisturizer that most hotels provide is very clearly not designed for those who want or need to use it on their entire body (read: most black people).”

    Mullen did not mention whether or not he considered men’s razors in hotels a microaggression against women or moisturizing face soap a microaggresion against people with acne.

    The Q&A was an installment of “Race Manners,” Desmond-Harris’s weekly advice column.
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    It is offensive to bald men!
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    All this will do is force hotels to supply nothing. Also, there are oodles of shampoo commercials on TV that show both black and white women(mostly women) using the product. Jirmack is one such company and it's also a product I see in most hotels. Also, exactly what is "black" shampoo? Shampoo is shampoo. Conditioner is another thing entirely.
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    Ya know, it would cost the race-baiting whiner absolutely nothing to have a little chat with a Hotel manager, letting him/her know that the supplied hair products work poorly for 1 out of 8 potential guests, and suggest alternatives! It would cost a little more in awareness and common sense to figure out that it might not be worth the Hotel's while to specialize to that degree in their freebie shampoos, etc..
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    When son wanted to take chemical engineering in college, I said great music and history majors which was his first choices. Anyway, then I got racist.....told him to invent a shampoo that would take the kink out of black women's hair simply by using the shampoo and he would be a billionaire in no time. His response was, "Daddy, sometimes you're so racist and I can't tell whether you're serious or not?" My answer was, "I'm like your president, half and half." His response was, "You get worse every time you open your mouth."

    I love getting under his skin sometimes.
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    The companies that make black hair products should consider making a sales pitch to the hotel industry-they have conventions for this kind of thing. Maybe even provide some free trial sized products to a hotel as a test-market thing, then come up with a sales pitch to make to the larger hotel chains. There's money to be made here, and they are more concerned with alleging racism than making money.

    It's not racist, thought. People who run hotels are businessmen and women, not sociologists.
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