(By the way, friends of mine teaching adjunct get $3000 a course. Reich is getting 80 TIMES the amount of money that the average adjunct gets. This would be a good place to start on income inequality.)

It looks like Hillary isn’t the only one in Bill Clinton’s camp who waxes hypocritically about wealth.

Former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich earns a whopping $240,000 each year from the University of California-Berkeley for teaching a single class about the terrible, destructive thing that is income inequality, reports the Washington Free Beacon.

Like Hillary Clinton, he also charges boatloads of cash to deliver speeches — As much as $100,000, to be exact — while simultaneously preaching about the “crisis” of income inequality.

“The moral crisis of our age has nothing to do with gay marriage or abortion; it’s insider trading, obscene CEO pay, wage theft from ordinary workers, Wall Street’s continued gambling addiction, corporate payoffs to friendly politicians, and the billionaire takeover of our democracy,” wrote Reich in a Facebook post back in June.