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  1. #1 Controversy Brews Over MN Cafe's 35-Cent ‘Minimum Wage Fee’ 
    A Minnesota cafe is stirring up controversy by adding a 35-cent “minimum wage fee.”

    Minnesota implemented a minimum wage hike from $7.25 to $8 on Aug. 1, so Oasis Cafe owner Craig Beemer calculated what it would cost per ticket to accommodate the increase.

    I don't see the big deal. First of all, I don't mind spending thirty five extra cents. It's the bill from going out in general I don't like. Second, all employers are going to raise prices (which is why I often call minimum wage increases a band aid solution).
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    LOL....I like it.

    I hope he's printing out "minimum wage increase" on the ticket.

    When it goes from .35 to 5.00 maybe that will wake up the idiots to reality.
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    It's now difference when shipping companies started to add a line item for fuel surcharges and business would add a line item when natural gas was a record high around 1999ish....I had a very expensive paint booth (80k) and I would bill extra because we were the only shop in town that "baked the paint."
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