As one commenter put it:
The accuser is not a Hopkins student. The duly authorized police and prosecutors office concluded they cannot prove a crime, and as far as I know innocent until proven guilty still applies. No one was even charged. I repeat, NO CHARGES WERE FILED. Therefore by our system of justice, no crime occurred. Exactly what is Hopkins supposed to report?

Education Dept. Is Investigating Johns Hopkins U.’s Response to Rape Complaint

The U.S. Department of Education has opened an investigation into the Johns Hopkins University’s response to an alleged rape at an off-campus fraternity house last year, The Baltimore Sun reported. Hopkins’s president, Ronald J. Daniels, acknowledged the federal investigation in an email to the university on Tuesday and pledged the institution’s full cooperation with it.

The announcement comes amid increasing pressure on colleges — from the Education Department, the White House, members of Congress, and advocacy groups — to do more to combat sexual misconduct and violence. The department’s Office for Civil Rights is now investigating more than 70 colleges and universities for possible violations of Title IX and other laws regarding how institutions respond to and report allegations of sexual misconduct.

The Johns Hopkins case involves an allegation of rape that a student of another Maryland university reported to the Baltimore police in March 2013. The police and the university investigated the incident, but prosecutors declined to charge anyone in the case and the university did not issue a crime warning to the campus, The Sun reported. Dozens of Hopkins students protested this past May after the case became public. It was revealed then that a number of concerned students had filed the federal complaint. They contended that the university’s failure to disclose the alleged rape had violated two key laws, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the campus crime-reporting rule known as the Clery Act.

The university said in May that it would review its response in the case and whether it had met its obligations under the Clery Act. That review is nearing completion, President Daniels said in his email on Tuesday. In addition, he said, the university has undertaken a “comprehensive self-assessment” over the past year to review its policies and procedures on sexual violence and enhance the safety of its campuses.