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  1. #1 Anonymous releases name of officer involved in shooting 
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    The DU lynch mob is out, active and outspoken.

    justiceischeap (11,071 posts)

    Anonymous releases name of officer involved in shooting

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    Deleting the image with the officers name that is now all over Twitter.
    madokie (40,355 posts)

    1. The murderer needs to be in a cell

    no if, and or buts about it
    zonkers (4,898 posts)
    72. A holding cell until he posts bail, Named or not, if I was him, I would hide out

    until the trial. Even before Anonymous outed him, I am sure many knew who he was. His life is in danger. This whole situation will turn out well. I mean, it can only go up from here. That police department is going down. The lawsuits are going to be nutty.
    hamsterjill (5,371 posts)

    126. Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!!!

    Who made you judge, jury and executioner?

    The "murderer" even if he is a police officer, deserves a fair trial.

    YES, absolutely, there should be an investigation into this issue and I'm glad the federal authorities are involved instead of leaving the investigation in the hands of the local police department. But come on, we most assuredly don't know all of the facts yet and we here at DU need to be smart enough not to join in the madness.

    Let the situation play out and if, as suspected, there was foul play on the part of the police officer, then let justice be served. But LET JUSTICE BE SERVED because anything less is only going to further the venom of hate, anger, retribution and distrust.
    loudsue (13,802 posts)

    4. I hope that officer's hell has just opened up.

    And swallowed him whole.
    conservaphobe (866 posts)

    12. So be it.

    I don't always support the actions of Anonymous, but this time they were needed.
    justiceischeap (11,071 posts)

    15. Pretty sad when we have to rely on a bunch of anonymous hackers

    to try and bring justice to situations blatantly crying for justice.
    Drumming up a lynch mob mentality and naming the officer is "justice"??

    UncleTomsEvilBrother (265 posts)

    45. Why would you assume there is going to be a vigilante mob?

    George Zimmerman didn't face one.
    Theodore Wafer didn't face one.
    Michael Dunn didn't face one.

    TorchTheWitch (9,593 posts)

    51. was there a riot going on at the time with any of them?

    No shootings or molotov cocktails or destroying and looting of private property and businesses that required SWAT to move in?

    groundloop (3,069 posts)
    90. Molotov cocktails produced by colleagues at the police force??????

    I in no way condone the actions of that police department, but let's at least stick to facts.
    The jury let it stand.
    justiceischeap (11,071 posts)

    73. Thanks for posting.

    And thanks for letting this stand Jurors. This, IMO, is a much different situation than Sanford PD. No one died in Sanford and the only reason they aren't releasing this police officer's name is because they believe a bunch of angry black people are gonna kill this officer vigilante style. Some in this thread believe the same--which, in and of itself, is racism, whether you realize it or not.
    Yea, we'll just forget the death threats, violent protests and Molotov cocktails.
    Farmbrook (5 posts)

    101. Why are you so concerned about this Monster

    He should have thought about his family's safety before shooting an unarmed kid 8 times. He does not deserve any protection. He was the professional in this situation. He should have known better. I am tired of caring about people's concern for him and his family. Maybe you should have some sympathy for Mr. Brown and his family who has to live with his evil action for the rest of their lives. The hypocrisy stinks!
    Farmbrook (5 posts)
    114. Vigilante Justice???? That's what this officer did.

    Michael Brown never had a chance. Why are you so concerned about this officer. The problem is that the Force is full of KKK clowns and racist people who see black lives as cheap commodity that could be dispensed with no repercussion. These were the same people that defended Zimmerman to the very end. Trust me the white community will protect this guy and if any black person should touch him they will receive the death penalty in a NY minute. I am more worried about the people in Ferguson that are being treated as if they are in a war zone with no justice. Get real. We live in two Americas. This guy will be fine.
    Farmbrook (5 posts)

    85. If anyone deserves sympathy, it should be for Michael Brown & his Family, not this monster

    It behooves me to think that people/trolls would want to give this monster due process when he never gave this kid a chance. I don't care if his family ends up suffering for his callous and sociopath behavior because the fact is Mr. Brown's family will suffer from his actions the rest of their lives. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander. THANK YOU ANONYMOUS! We will take whatever modicum of justice from such situations because justice is never served in such situations. Bottom line is, I strongly believe this guy will never pay for his actions just like the Zimmerman's of the world. Sorry to disappoint us black people again.
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    Mob good---Cops bad.

    ALL cops.

    Thu Aug 14, 2014, 12:08 PM

    "No one who wants to a policeman should be allowed to be one."

    Said by my high school Civics teacher in way back in 1974. It's one of the few actual lessons I can remember from high school.

    I've thought about that quote many times in recent months.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    Thu Aug 14, 2014, 12:08 PM

    "No one who wants to a policeman should be allowed to be one."

    Said by my high school Civics teacher in way back in 1974. It's one of the few actual lessons I can remember from high school.
    Your Civics teacher needs an English lesson.

    You could use one too.
    Be Not Afraid.
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