Is the media trying to get accused Ferguson police officer killed?

f you saw that chaotic press conference given by Governor Nixon yesterday, you know the tenor of black people in Ferguson. They want "justice" and they want it now.

Given this, why is the media showing the world where the accused police officer, Darren Wilson, lives? Jim Hott details the shocking stupidity of major media outlets who don't realize the danger they are putting Officer Wilson in:

CNN broadcast a report Friday that showed the house, including the street number, of the Ferguson police officer who police say shot Mike Brown. The officer has been in hiding due to death threats since the shooting last Saturday. His name, Darren Wilson, was just released Friday morning.

Another news outlet apologized for broadcasting video of Wilsonís home while others have virtually drawn a map to Wilsonís house for those bent on vengeance.

Yahoo News named the community Wilson where Wilson resides and published a photograph of the officer.

The UK Daily Mail also named the community, posted photos of the officer and gave a description of the house.

USA Today also named the community and reported a local police presence.

The Washington Post named the street where Wilson lives.

In the video report, CNN reporter Ed Lavandera is seen walking in the street where Wilson lives. The CNN video shows a wide view of Wilsonís house and then pans around the street to show its relative position in the neighborhood. While Lavandera does not name the street, he gives its approximate location.

Every news report says neighbors told them Wilson has not been home for several days.

A version of the video being aired by CNN affiliate Newschannel 13 in Orlando, Florida (and likely other affiliates around the country including the St. Louis market) shows a brief close-up of the house number by the front door such that someone could freeze and enlarge the image to get the address.

This is stupidity, not malice. Perhaps some media outlets believe that because Wilson isn't home, showing his house places him in no danger. The reality is, Wilson will have to return home at some point, which will expose him to the anger of anyone who has paid attention over the last few days and identified the house where he lives,

Shocking irresponsibility.