Yup...the liberals continue to move beyond the 18-24 year olds. I was at my local Borders tonight picking up some book for my little girl. When I got to the children's section, there was a big display area with books about Obama. I browsed through one of them and boy did it paint a BS picture of Obama. The author made it look like he was Washington, Lincoln and MLK all in one. The indoctrination book is called "Barack" and here's an interesting excerpt I pulled off the web:

"For somehow his journey had led him to Trinity Church, surrounded by the people from his neighborhood including many he had helped. And there, swept up in the waves of their singing with tears on his cheeks he knew why he was there. He knew who he was, and where he belonged."

As one of the reviewers noted, didn't Obama say he wasn't listen at church for the pass 20 years???