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    Trayvon's Death Taught Liberals Nothing

    By Jack Cashill

    Much too quickly after the death of big Mike Brown in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, the Trayvon Martin dream team -- ambulance chasers Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks, media hound Al Sharpton -- descended on his still warm body like so many turkey vultures.

    One would have hoped that their twisted performance in Florida during the previous two years would have taught America’s liberals something -- prudence, restraint, skepticism -- but it did not. Led by their media, liberals once again rushed in where wise men fear to tread.

    As expected, the media insisted on telling the same embarrassingly fraudulent story they had told in the Martin shooting: innocent teen, academically ambitious, minding his own business, profiled by racist white vigilante -- this time a cop -- and shot for no reason other than his race...

    ...As in the Martin case, Crump and pals conjured an emotional icon to sum up the injustice. For Martin, it was the hoodie. For Brown, it was the hands waving in the air. In 2012, NBA players took to wearing hoodies in solidarity. On Monday, the defensive backs of the Washington Redskins came through the tunnel with their hands up. As the USA Today reported, they were “referencing reports that Brown had raised his hands in surrender when he was shot and killed earlier this month by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer.” Sigh!

    Progressives in the media and elsewhere felt empowered to repeat this nonsense because they refused to accept the transparently just verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman last summer. The dream team led them down the rabbit hole. Said Crump after the verdict, “Trayvon Martin will forever remain in the annals of history next to Medgar Evers and Emmett Till, as symbols for the fight for equal justice for all.”

    Till, a fourteen-year-old Chicago boy, was brutally lynched for allegedly flirting with a white woman in 1955 Mississippi. The courageous civil rights leader Evers took a bullet in the back from a racist assassin in 1963 Mississippi. The marijuana-addled Martin took a bullet to the chest while gratuitously bashing in the head of an Hispanic man he did not know in a multi-ethnic Florida community...

    ...As Bloom told the story, Zimmerman followed Martin after the officer told him not to, confronted him, pulled his gun, pointed it at Martin for forty seconds* during which time Martin screamed in fear. An angry, panicky Zimmerman then shot and killed him. To make this fantastic theory work, Bloom overlooked major chunks of evidence and made stunning mistakes on the evidence she did present.

    Her treatment of the only real eyewitness, Witness #6, Jonathan Good, is a case in point. On the night of the shooting, Good told Sanford PD investigator Chris Serino: “So I open my door. It was a black man with a black hoodie on top of the other, either a white guy or now I found out I think it was a Hispanic guy with a red sweatshirt on the ground yelling out help. . . . [The] guy on top in the black hoodie was pretty much just throwing down blows on the guy kind of MMA [mixed martial arts]-style.”

    Good repeated his testimony at the trial, and it lined up perfectly with what Zimmerman told the first officer on the scene and with the screams on another 9-1-1 call. There was no case against Zimmerman. The Sanford Police knew it immediately. Bloom chose not to. She spent only one sentence on Good and got everything wrong. It read as follows: “Trayvon remained a threat after the shooting, according to Zimmerman, which is why he asked John Good, the first to come outside after the gunshot, ‘to help me.’”

    After reading the Bloom book, I began to think that a whole generation of journalists may have to die off before the people in the media can begin to salvage their industry. If they keep hanging around Ferguson -- or sucking up to ISIS -- that may happen sooner than we think.

    * Elspeth's note: Zimmerman's "pursuit" of Trayvon Martin was 25 seconds long and ended with Martin running off and disappearing. All during this time, Zimmerman was on the phone with police dispatch. For the next minute and a half (after Trayvon disappeared), Zimmerman remained on the phone with dispatch answering questions. At the end of that call, Zimmerman told dispatch that he did not know where Trayvon had gotten to and was audibly afraid. Within a minute and a half after that phone call, Zimmerman was under Trayvon being beaten. It is very clear that Bloom was lying through her teeth: everything in her description of the event is sheer invention.

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    Bloom and the others have to lie...whether it's about Treyvon or this kid in Ferguson.

    If they only talked about the fa TS of both cases then it wouldn't fit the narrative they want out there for everyone to believe.

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