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    Quote Originally Posted by Dori View Post
    Make them at home or buy them at the store. Put in backpack.
    Then they would be confiscated.
    The Obama Administration: Deny. Deflect. Blame.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Wood View Post
    Sorry, kids! No cookies!

    Here are some Brussels Sprouts to go with your liver and tofu. Be sure to eat your kale!

    And then the Michelle Obama lunchroom fascists will just steal that child's cookies and throw them in the garbage, unfortunately.
    And we want to know why kids behave so badly now? Cookies for everybody!
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    There is still hope for parents and children in Ohio who want to make their own pink cookies. Recipes for the popular pink cookies have sprung up online overnight, and federal guidelines can't stop fans of the treat from making them at home and packing them in lunchboxes and brown paper bags.
    Obama isn't the problem. The problem is an electorate that would vote a man like him into office.
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    Speaking of things being tossed in the garbage....
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