Harvard Law Prof. Alan Dershowitz sides with the St. Louis County prosecutor – not his colleague Ogletree: “We should not arrest [Officer Darren Wilson] until there’s a substantial level of proof of criminality,” even if it appeared that the police acted improperly.

“Based on what I know, I would hold off,” says Professor Dershowitz. “The one thing I would insist on is that you never ever make an arrest because of crowd violence,” he says, alluding to the daily protests and rising political pressure.

Dershowitz compares the Michael Brown case to the 2012 Trayvon Martin incident – when a neighborhood watch volunteer was acquitted of using deadly force against an unarmed black man – saying that the state should not have filed charges against defendant George Zimmerman.

“It was a terrible miscarriage of justice in that case,” he says. “[Mr.] Zimmerman was arrested and prosecuted because of mob violence,” suggesting that the same issue could be at play here.