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    The problems with the "second" autopsy include (1) the body of Brown was already embalmed and in a mortuary and (2) the medical examiner hired by Crump for the Brown family, Shawn Parcells, has a history of fraud:

    St. Louis Medical Examiner SLAMS Brown Family Hire

    The chief medical examiner of St. Louis County, who performed the first autopsy on Michael Brown after he was shot on Aug. 9, says that she is concerned by one of the men hired by the Brown family to conduct its own exam.

    “I can tell you absolutely that I find what Parcells does to be abysmal,” Dr. Mary Case told The Daily Caller when asked about Shawn Parcells, a Kansas-based forensic pathologist assistant. He has been accused in the past of fabricating his job title and of conducting autopsies without a license.

    Parcells, along with Dr. Michael Baden, was hired last week by the Brown family to conduct an independent private autopsy. They did so, they said, because they did not trust local authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into Brown’s police shooting death.

    The team released its results on Monday and determined that Brown was shot at least six times.

    One crucial determination was the trajectory of the bullet that killed Brown. Parcells explained to TheDC earlier this week that the bullet was traveling in a back to front direction, indicating that Brown was bent over in some fashion when he was struck.

    The location of Brown’s head when he was shot is sure to figure prominently in the investigation. The Brown family and many across the U.S. believe that Brown was “executed” by Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson in broad daylight. Wilson reportedly claims he shot Brown in self-defense.

    But Mary Case, along with a number of other medical examiners and pathologists, have been heavily critical of Parcells.

    “He is doing forensic autopsies which may send someone to prison, and he is not a physician, much less a forensic pathologist,” she told TheDC, adding that forensic pathologists and medical examiners throughout the U.S. “are shocked by this man and how bold he is to do what he does.”

    “No one stops him,” she said.

    Case said that Baden, 80, “is an excellent forensic pathologist.” At a press conference Monday, Baden said the same thing about her.

    But Case claims that Baden was unaware of what she called Parcells’ “baggage.”

    “Dr. Baden did not know about Parcells’ baggage or he would not have become associated with him,” Case told TheDC. “His association with Parcells is very unfortunate.”

    Asked whether she is concerned that Parcells’ shortcomings are an issue in the Brown autopsy, Case said, “Of course I do.”

    Parcells operates National Forensic Autopsy & Tissue Recovery Services out of Overland Park, Kan.

    Forensic pathologist Dr. Erik Mitchell complained to a Kansas City news station earlier this week that Parcells is working without a license.

    And Dr. Thomas Young, the former medical examiner of Jackson County, Mo., told the station that Parcells was misrepresenting himself when he said Young was his mentor.

    “He has been representing himself in a way that is not appropriate by giving forensic pathology opinions when he is not qualified to do so,” Young told the station.

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    Imagine that!
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    Not questioning the St. Louis area ME, but an irony I see in the 2nd autopsy is that, for whatever flaws it may incorporate, it demolished the shot-in-the-back narrative, and rendered the shot-with-arms-in-the-air narrative at least highly improbable (if not ludicrous).
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    I, for one, find it shocking that Liberals would so uncharacteristically use subterfuge or misrepresent facts to further their anti-American agenda. I mean they always have taken the high road and been so truthful in their statements and actions, haven't they?

    Well, at least two thoroughly honest and self-sacrificing heroes of justice and equality: the esteemed Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are working quietly, out of camera view to administer their wisdom derived from decades of selfless servitude to the downtrodden who helped them sport the Rolexes that no true men of God should be deprived of.

    In a similar act of altruistic sacrifice our saintly Attorney General is on the scene to inject his almost magical senses of balance, equality, and justice into a very difficult case of a white male of European decent carrying on that group's ongoing pogrom against anyone with more than a golf course tan. His divine boss, the esteemed man-god: Barack Hussein Obama, is also on the case, bringing with him numerous platitudes and the notion that the pinnacle of the community who was executed Cambodian style while on his way to his volunteer job at Meals on Wheels after a prayer luncheon and some church repairs he performed every week to earn a living to support his seven beautiful children and their seven lovely mothers who chose not to have abortions to keep the welfare gravy train intact.

    In short, the Ferguson matter is in capable hands. Why, we could not find a better team of proven leaders than the group of patriots I just named, even if we searched every square inch of this flat planet under the sun that revolves around it. Amirite?

    God we're lucky.
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