Narrative that made Ferguson national story unravels

FERGUSON, Mo. – The narrative that drew the attention of President Obama and compelled him dispatch Attorney General Eric Holder here continues to unravel.

Nearly two weeks of racially charged protests accompanied by looting, rioting, Molotov cocktails, gunfire, bricks and burned buildings have been fueled by the belief that Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed unarmed, 18-year-old Michael Brown on Aug. 9 as he raised his hands in the air in surrender, only because he was black.

Brown, at 6’4″ and nearly 300 pounds, has been cast as a “gentle giant,” who, according to his uncle, was “too timid” to play football and “had never gotten into a fight in his entire life.”

But along with exposure of the belligerent “gangsta” persona Brown had on social media, key witnesses upon whom the prosecution was relying to convince a grand jury to charge Wilson with murder are changing their stories as evidence emerges that the officer was attacked and severely beaten by Brown, who had marijuana in his system, only minutes after the teen robbed a convenience store.

On Tuesday, a St. Louis radio station, citing a “very connected national media source,” reported Wilson will not be charged. The key testimony is from the Brown family’s star witness, Dorian Johnson, who accompanied Brown when he was shot. Johnson has changed his story, according to the report, and now admits Brown attacked the officer and attempted to take his gun.

As WND was first to report on Aug. 14, Johnson has an outstanding arrest warrant for theft and for making a false report to police....


There's a lot more here: the article covers all the evidence that is making hash of the Media Narrative and the tissue of lies it's based on. The Ferguson PD seems to have learned a lot of lessons from Sanford and is not giving Crump and his lying cronies evidence to twist. However, this means Crump et al are just going to get nastier, more personal. This trashing of the St. Louis prosecutor (because he has police in his background) is the beginning of a war of personal destruction. It will be worse than Sanford because these hucksters need a win. Watch for the investigation and destruction of individuals, even those only tangentially involved in the case.