As with the Trayvon Martin case, Crump claimed that Brown's body lay neglected "for hours" by the police. (Remember, in the Martin case, it allegedly took 3 days to contact the family, when it was clear that the family was contacted around 12 HOURS after the shooting?) Well, Crump lie has been caught in video evidence.

I found a new video grabbed it and uploaded to my youtube… It is a few videos put together from various recordings. The first portion I have never seen before. What I found interesting is Crump and them keep saying his body laid for hours uncovered. Yet, at the 0:49 mark a woman in the background asks “what time is it” and the people around her say 12:17. If you notice, the a cop had just covered the body just prior to her asking what time it was. (around the 0:35 mark)

Accord to news, the timeline is
12:01 Officer Wilson first encounters Brown and Johnson
12:04 a second cop arrives on the scene followed by a supervisor a minute later,

So that means that he was only laying on the ground uncovered for approximately 13 – 15 minutes tops not covered!