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    The Climate Police are coming.

    In order to cool the global climate, the European Commission has decided, with infinite wisdom, that companies shall no longer be allowed to make or import vacuums with motors above 1600 watts — which is more than half of the vacuums on the market. These are climate-dangerous machines. They couldn’t just put a health warning with pics of drowning polar bears on the 2200W ones. They must be Verboten! The new rules start on September 1st. I’m sure if they could, they’d arrange a buy-back and amnesty program for high powered vacuums too.

    In EUspeak, vacuums are about to get better! Apparently, they will use less energy, save money and pick up more dust too, all that was needed was regulation. (Why didn’t they think of it before?)


    But imagine that, it’s another free market failure. The dumb punters kept buying big inefficient vacuums that did not work well. Mere citizens, it seems, do not have the intellect to know when their carpets are sucked properly, or their money wasted. Now thanks to the Glorious Insight of Politicrats that vexacious problem will be gone. Though consumer groups like Witch? claimed that many of the banned models were the most popular and rated as “best buys”. (What would they know?) Mere moms and dads hoovering after the kids for decades are amateurs. The EU commissars know how to vacuum!
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    Have you ever seen John Adams' Nixon in China? There is a chorus in this opera that starts out with the great glorious promises of socialism ("Soldiers of Heaven, hold the sky!) and ends up with invasive, mundane instructions ("Roll up straw matting after use.") That's really socialism in a nutshell: lots of lofty words with the ultimate goal of controlling what kind of vacuum cleaner you buy.

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